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Fighting To Keep My Promise To God


Hello, I Am a 22 year old young woman that s struggling with being CONSISTENT in my vow of celibacy until MARRIAGE. During my teenage years I was very promiscuous. I had many sexual partners, and engaged in all types of illicit sexual activities. I was wild and sometimes didn’t make the best decisions about who I slept with and I didn’t always use protection. 2 abortions and sexually transmitted diseases later, I began to examine my sexual habits and appetite for lust. In 2011 after my sexual partner of 2 years scared me into thinking I had HIV, I got tested and by the GRACE, MERCY, AND POWER of God I was HIV Negative! I felt this was God giving me a second chance at life, love, and reputation. on that January day in 2013 on the floor on the bathroom floor of the neighborhood clinic’s office I got down on my knees and thanked God For this gift of life! I vowed that I was going to stay celibate until marriage and that I would devote my life to paying this amazing gift forward in the glory of His name and power. Since that day in January I have had sex multiple times and with different men. I have repented each time and asked for mercy but, I am still failing God. I am depressed, and living in disappointment. I am just tired of giving into my flesh I want to stop fornicating but, I just think there is something wrong with me. I don’t know how to stop! Sex is my devil and I know that if I don’t stop it will be the death of me and cripple all of my goals. Please Help Me Ladies!!!! Prayers and advice please.

The Praying Woman
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