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Christian teachings about Faith and Spirituality. Articles that will help strengthen your Faith and relationship with God.

3 Truths to Remember When Life Gets Hard

when times are hard
When you feel like you're at your breaking point, remember that faith is what holds you together!

10 Self Convicting Questions That Will Keep You on Track Daily

self convicting questions
When God is at the center of your life, everything else will fall into it's proper place. Here are 10 Self Convicting Questions That Will Keep You on Track Daily...

4 Things We Should Remember About Faith

things to remember about faith
Pray and start believing that things are going to change for the better. Where faith grows, miracles blossom. Here are 4 Things To Remember About Faith...

3 Questions To Ask Yourself When God’s Answer is “No”

when god's answer is no
When God's Answer is "No", It can hurt and leave us confused. One thing I've learned is we can pout now and thank Him later or walk by faith and thank Him in advance.

Are You in Need of Spiritual Cleansing?

spiritual cleansing
Are you in need of spiritual cleansing? If so... don’t settle for what just looks good on the surface. Go deeper!