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7 Things to Do While You’re Waiting on God

waiting on god

waiting on god

I’ve spent much of my Christian walk waiting on God.

  • Waiting on God to give direction.
  • Waiting on God to open doors.
  • Waiting on God to make things clearer.
  • Waiting on God to supply the needed resources.

Throughout the stories of the Bible we often find God’s people waiting.

Think of Abraham who had to wait years for God to provide the promised son.

Think of Noah and the many days he must have worked on the ark, yet he had apparently never seen rain.

Think of the anointed David who had to wait to actually assume the position of king.

Think of the disciples, taking Jesus at His word by following Him, but having to wait until they were released to do ministry.

What about the followers of God who waited 400 years in silence between the Old Testament and the arrival of Jesus?

Waiting on God is a part of the Christian experience. The waiting times are difficult to endure, especially if you are like me and generally struggle in the area of patience.

Show me someone who has grown in their maturity in Christ and I can almost guarantee you they have had seasons where they were waiting.

I’ve learned, however, there are things I can be doing during the wait, which help me prepare when God chooses to act in my life.

Are you in a time of waiting? Perhaps some of these suggestions may help. Here are 7 Things to Do While You’re Waiting on God …

1. Prepare your heart.

The ultimate goal of God in my life is to transform me into the image of His Son.

He wants my heart and character more than even some of the great activities I could do for Him. The silent times are some of the best times to seek the heart of God.

During the waiting period, I find I need to increase my prayer and study time, preparing my heart to receive God’s instructions.

2. Learn all you can.

I learn more from the struggles of life than I do from the easy times of life. The same can be true through the times of waiting for God to move.

God reveals His character to us as we wait. (I find myself reading more of the Psalms during times of waiting. They remind me of God’s presence even during days of silence.)

3. Watch for His activity.

Just because God is silent does not mean He’s being still.

God is always doing something, even when I can’t tell what it is. I’ve learned to be watchful for the hidden activity of God.

4. Stay active with what you know to be doing.

The Bible is clear on some things I should always do. – love my neighbor, look out for “the least of these”, make disciples – just to name a few.

Waiting times do not mean doing nothing. It may be in the “doing something” that we discover God has been waiting to bless us.

5. Listen for His voice or the voice of others He sends.

Isaiah 30:20-21 talks about a “voice” saying “this is the way – walk in it” during the “days of adversity“.

This is an important reminder. I’ve learned to listen for His voice, knowing the more I know Him personally, the more I’ll hear even His softest whisper.

Many times God is trying to speak to us, whether through His written word (which seems to be the dominant way He speaks), or through other people in my life, or through the circumstances of my life.

Often there are consistent themes I keep “hearing”, but it takes me a while to actually process them. (Reading 1 Samuel may help here.)

6. Heal from past hurts – if needed.

Many times the silent periods in my walk with God come after very difficult periods.

At times, I’ve learned, I can’t hear God because my emotions are clouded with the pain of my past. In those days, what I most need is to heal my emotions so I can think clearly, discern His voice, and prepare for

His next assignment. This may take processing hurts with others, extending forgiveness, or admitting sin to renew my closeness with God.

7. Pray without ceasing.

Prayer is my personal connection to the God upon whom I am waiting.

As long as I’m praying, I’m less likely to worry and more likely to walk by faith.

Praying without ceasing doesn’t mean I do nothing except pray, but it means I carry a faithful attitude – a heart of prayer – into everything I do. I remain keenly aware of His presence through the Spirit of God, so when He speaks I have the best possible opportunity to hear.

Are you in a period of waiting?  I’m voicing a prayer now that you would soon hear from God – that God would make Himself known.

If you’re in a waiting place, know you are not alone. God is right there with you.

A Prayer For When You Are Waiting On God:

Lord, I know You’re a good God, but the truth is that I’m tried of waiting. I know You have the perfect answer. I trust You have the perfect solution, but waiting for the moment you decreed is tough.

Please be with me as I wait. Let me see You as I never have before. Help me to trust You and see You in new ways. Prepare my heart, Lord, as I wait. 

Help me cling to you as I wait. Please Lord, let your peace rule in my heart. Help me live by your grace each day of this waiting. And help me bring you glory as I wait expectantly. 

In Jesus’ name,