10 Self-Destructive Behaviors That Block Happiness

2. Destructive coping mechanisms

Drugs, smoking, and alcohol are just a few destructive coping mechanisms.

There is no harm in relaxing with a glass of wine but when it is used to cope and you are becoming dependent is another story.

Are you tempted mainly when you are stressed? When you are with certain people? When you are feeling lonely? Certain times of the day/month/year? etc. We all deal with things differently. So naturally we will have different triggers.

Once you identify your trigger, surrender it over to God in prayer and put a plan in action to overcome it.

A few suggestions…. Exercise, Read a good book, call someone, but whatever you do, don’t just sit there. Staying busy is key when trying to kick a habit. An idol mind is the devil’s playground.

Small changes can make a big difference. You will be pleasantly surprised when you realize that your old temptation is no longer a temptation.

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