Dust Covered Gems

“How precious are your thoughts about me, Lord. They outnumber the grains of sand.” Psalm 139:17

Sometimes life is as sweet as a rose, until you experience a prick from it’s thorn. The first shot of pain you feel develops initial thoughts and feelings that usually connects to our life experiences. Unfortunately, our first thoughts are not always positive and uplifting, especially if the thorn left a prominent wound.

Developed thoughts could either provide a cloud of comfort or a cloud of dust. It is the dust that buries us alive, the negative way we view ourselves and the situation that has occurred. They are quiet whispers that many of us say to ourselves, more demeaning than the words of those who despise us. Words that shatter hope and weaken faith, and yet and still we cover ourselves in dust.

There have been relationships that went sour for me, filled with pain and lies. When they ended, I didn’t think that I was amazing with or without them or that I was being prepared for love sweeter than I could ever imagine. Instead I covered myself with dust:
“If I was truly beautiful, I wouldn’t be dumped or cheated on.”
“Undeserving of love”
“Maybe I wasn’t good enough and I could’ve tried harder”
“There will not be another chance at love”
“Maybe I won’t have the relationship I’ve always dreamed of”

When I faced disappointment, it never crossed my mind that something better was right around the corner. Instead I covered myself with even more dust:
“Running out of time”
“Might as well face the music and get used to this”
“Bad luck”
“Maybe I am not as smart as I thought”
“Everyone else is happy and succeeding but me”
“The woman I want to be may just be a fantasy”
“Maybe being myself won’t get me far, I should imitate what I see”

I was a gem trapped in a thick cloud of dust. I had let my troubles define me, believing that I could never be anything more. I share this because there are so many gems out there who have yet to discover they are covered in blankets of dust. It is the negative thinking that blows dust over your life, covering your eyes so that you can’t see clearly. It is the dust that clouds your mind and spirit until eventually you believe those thoughts to be true. Through all that layer of stuff God still thinks we are beautiful and full of promise. He adores me so much that I had to rub the dust out of my eyes and work on evolving into positive thinking. You can’t change how people behave or how they decide to treat you. We may not have control of life’s curveballs, but do not think for a second that you have to engrave the mental mark of defeat. You are created in His image and made full of wonders. With every new discovery of yourself, blow the dust away.