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3 Awesome Examples Of Grace In The Bible

Here are three Awesome Examples Of Grace In The Bible... Just remember, God doesn't owe us anything. He didn't have to, but He did!

4 Reasons Christian Women Should Join a Small Group

There are so many advantages to joining a small group. Here are four reasons you should seriously consider joining a small group...

4 Things to Do When Having a Good Man Isn’t Good Enough

Here are four Things to Do When Having a Good Man Isn't Good Enough: They can be all the things you want in a mate and still

Are You Really Trusting God With Your Love Life?

Trusting God with your love life? When you realize what matters the most, you won't settle for little things that don't matter at all.

God Turns the Ordinary Into Extraordinary

God turns the ordinary into extraordinary everyday! If you’re having one of those days, don’t worry or fear… God is able to bring good out of the worst situations.