5 Reasons You’re Probably Still Single

Still Single


So you’re a Praying Woman, Independent Woman, you cook, you clean, you’re educated, maybe even own your own business. You have all the qualities every man would hope for, but there’s just one problem… YOU’RE STILL SINGLE!

You begin to doubt yourself. “Maybe I’m not such a good woman afterall.” … “What am I doing wrong?” In fact, you begin to question if you’ll ever find ‘the one’.

Truth is… you’re probably doing everything right. You’re probably a really good woman, but if it’s not God’s appointed time, everyone you try to force a relationship with, will not see just how good you are.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You’re Probably Single:

1. God wants you to focus on your relationship with Him.

When you have a relationship with Christ, He should be your number one priority. Sometimes other relationships can be a distraction without us even realizing it. Take this time to grow spiritually. You won’t regret it.

2. You fail to realize Singleness does not have to equal Loneliness.

Being in a relationship just to be able to say you’re in a relationship is not what God had in mind when He created you.

Sometimes being single is God’s way of allowing us to get to know ourselves, grow to love ourselves, and discover what truly makes us happy instead of depending on everyone else to make us happy.

3. Perhaps God is protecting you from temptation.

(pre-marital sex). Most people start out with good intentions, but eventually give in to the flesh. But God knows all of our weaknesses and He knows how to keep us out of trouble. Perhaps this is His way of doing so.

4. You have standards and that’s a good thing.

Don’t compromise Mr. Right for Mr. Right Now. Be Patient and have faith that when the time is right , God will send you someone who is everything you want and more.

Settling for someone who does not share your same values, morals, and beliefs will not get you down the aisle any quicker than being patient and waiting on Him.

5. God is allowing you to heal.

Healing is a necessity not an option. In order to completely love ‘the one’ you have to heal from all the other failed relationships in your past.

Look at it this way, You deserve someone who will love you whole heartedly and unconditionally AND so does your future spouse.

So embrace your singleness, stop being so hard on yourself, and let God do what He does best. It will be worth the wait!