Praying for Your Unsaved Loved Ones

Praying for unsaved loved ones is one of the most important things we can do as Christians. The Christian walk, if done correctly, is a mighty struggle. It shouldn’t be easy and free of tension and inner conflict. To be in this world and in...

A Thanksgiving Prayer

For some, the Holidays bring an influx of emotions. Emotions that have neatly stayed tucked away somewhere in our spirits and come protruding out of us at the first mention of “Jingle Bells” or the first sight of a nicely decorated Thanksgiving table. If...

5 Prayers Every Mother Needs To Pray

I am a big believer in a mother’s prayer. All prayers are powerful, but I feel a mother’s sincere prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have has a parent. Praying has been a staple in my life as a parent. Prayer guides me, aides...

A Monday Morning Prayer

Good morning! It's Monday! So let's go into prayer knowing that God is in control of all things. Have a blessed week.

5 Prayers Every Woman Should Pray For Her Man

A relationship is not based on the time you’ve spent together, but the foundation you’ve built together. Let prayer be that foundation.