Preacher’s Daughters: Cierra Confronts Kristiana About What God Says About Sexuality

"Preachers' Daughters" has decided to tackle the topic of Christianity and homosexuality in a way that no other show has done before. On this season of Preacher's Daughters (episode 2), The house gets heated. Cierra Confronts Kristiana About What God Says About Sexuality after Kristiana confesses that she struggles with her sexuality. For Cierra, there's no denying what it says in the Bible, which she believes is very clear about the topic of homosexuality. She stated, "If we all come from Christianity and we're all reading the same Bible, then I feel like we all should come to the same conclusion — that that's something that's against God's Word,"

4 Ways to Beat the Valentine’s Day Blues

Many singles dread Valentine’s Day.  While guys and girls have their own specific set of challenges that stem from this holiday; the single woman’s struggle is unique for many reasons.  Many women have been taught to hold Valentine’s Day in high regard and often feel like they're lacking in the relationship area of their life if they are single on Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. Living in Los Angeles I have the privilege of being friends with women from diverse ethnic groups; and one thing they all have in common is that they're all looking for love.  While longing to be in a loving relationship if perfectly normal and healthy; if you feel like less of a person because you’re single that's a problem. Society teaches us that we're not complete if we're not in a romantic relationship.  As a result a lot people feel like they don't measure up. The bible states that we are complete in Christ.  (Colossians 2:10)  As followers of Christ we’re called to believe that. You may not feel complete, in fact you may feel very broken and alone, but we are never too broken for Jesus. I'll be the first to admit I used to live doubting this simple fact and it can still be a struggle to believe sometimes.  In the past I'd rack my brain around being single.  I couldn't understand why everyone else was getting married and having babies and I was looking on from the sidelines. As I matured in my walk with God I learned that as followers of Christ we are to see ourselves as whole, not broken, complete in His eyes, lacking no good thing.  As a result of this new perspective I've gained more joy and started making wiser dating choices. Though Valentines Day can be a painful...

Worldly Attraction vs. Godly Attraction

godly attraction vs wordly attraction
People tend to look at someone’s appearance. God looks at the heart.

4 Things To Remember When Insecurities Set In

   Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. ~Proverbs 31:30 Everybody wants to be beautiful and attractive.  The good news is.. you are. Everyone has something unique about them that makes them beautiful. Your flaws to you, someone else may see as beauty. And then there's always those who are always going to see your flaws no matter how beautiful you are.  Here are Four Things To Remember When Insecurities Set In: 1. Be optimistic.  You become radiant when you are exuding with positive energy.  Sometimes you wonder why some people are attractive and appealing even if they do not meet the world’s standard for beauty.  More often, it is because of their positive attitude and beautiful personality that draws people towards them.  Fill your heart with love, and fill your mind with positive thoughts.  No one wants to be around a negative person.  Notice that no matter how beautiful the person is on the outside, people still repel them.  For by the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45). 2. Eat right.  You do not have to eat less just eat right.  Eating right means having a balanced diet and not depriving yourself.  Eating right means eating regularly and not skipping meals.  Establishing a schedule for your meal is beneficial for your body.  It makes your rhythm and body clock more stable and regular and so you improve your health.  Studies have shown that when women  are healthy, they feel good about themselves. 3. Smile often and smile sincerely.  Smile even when you feel like you don't have anything to smile about.  Smiling makes you look pleasing and everybody wants to be around someone with pleasing personality. Smiling also tells the brain that no matter what's going on in your life, you're not worried...

Prayer For a Troubled Marriage

One woman's prayer request for her troubled marriage.