Happy 30th Birthday Jennifer Hudson!

J- Hud has definitely been through a lot over the last few years. But that hasn't stopped her from pushing forward. Since losing her mom, brother, and nephew to a shooting, She has went on to become the spokesperson for Weight Watchers- losing more than 80lbs, Started filming for the role of Winnie Mandela in the biopic-"Winnie",  Released a new CD entiltled " I Remember Me" “I feel like in 29 years I’ve led four different lives, and the me today versus the me from ten years ago, I can’t even recognize that person.

Friends or Frenemies? : 10 Signs of a Frenemy

Would you consider yourself to be someone who gets along with everyone? Pretty well liked, Popular, No enemies? What about frenemies? You know…That enemy that is disguised as a friend… That low key competitor and rival. Some people have frenemies and don’t even know it. How do you know if your friend is really a frenemy? Here's 10 Signs of a Frenemy: 1. Whenever you have good news, They always have BETTER news. And trust me their news will always outshine yours. 2. Contrary to belief, frenemies don’t only come around when things are good. They come around when things are bad because misery loves company. They get a kick out of seeing you at your worst. 3. Whenever you need someone to confide in or a shoulder to cry on, somehow the conversation shifts right back to them. It’s ALWAYS about them. 4. They brag a lot whenever you’re around them. Not because they think they’re all that! But because they want YOU to think that they’re all that. Good ole reversed psychology! 5. They are always negative or telling you why something (idea, goal, etc.) will not work instead of trying to help you figure out how to make it work. 6. They are always giving you advice they would never follow themselves. It’s a setup! They wanna see you fail. 7. Everything’s a competition with them. You get a new car/ They get a new truck, You lose 5lbs/ They lose 10lbs. You see the pattern? They are always going to out do everything you do. 8. “Congratulations”, “I’m proud of you”, or “I’m happy for you” don’t exist in their vocabulary. They’re secretly admiring you and hating on you at the same time. 9. You can’t tell them anything you don’t want the whole world to know, because they’re worst at keeping secrets than Wendy Williams. 10. They insult...