It Will Be Greater Later

greater later
Let’s talk about sex! There will be quite a number of Christians reading this article who have had sex or participated in some form of sexual activity before marriage. For some, there is little to no guilt or shame in having shared something sacred before the right time. For others, the guilt of having sex before marriage has caused such a wound and that wound is not healing. I am addressing the second group. The Word of God is clear; to engage in sexual activity with someone who is not your husband is a sin. Even though culture is normalizing the practice, it is still a sin in God’s eyes. However, because Jesus died in our place, when we come to Him with a torn and repentant heart, He not only forgives us but gives grace so that we can have the victory over sin. Even though many Christian women know this, it can be difficult to believe. Haggai 2:9 – “The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,” says the Lord of hosts. Now you may be wondering, ‘what does this scripture have to do with having sex before marriage?’ I’m coming to that. First, let’s get the background of this verse. Israel was God’s chosen people, and after about 860 years (from the time Jacob went down to Egypt) under the reign of King Solomon, they finally erected a temple for God’s name. It was a magnificent structure! Everything was covered in gold. Massive and costly stones were cut from the grandest mountains. Lofty cedars, the purest gold, and only exquisite materials were used for construction. The most skilled artisans were hired and the best engravers carved splendid images of winged heavenly beasts, palm trees, and pomegranates on the golden walls. According to 1 Kings 5,...

When God Leads The Way

when god leads the way
There is so much we miss when we take our path vs. God's path.

Should You Run or Should You Stay?

Should You Run or Should You Stay?
If you have not prayed about your decision yet, ask God for guidance and know that He sees you and He is with you.

3 Tactics The Enemy Uses to Defeat You

Strategies Satan Uses Against Us
How many times has the enemy used these evil tactics in your life? Too many to count right?

Your Record is Wiped Clean

Your Record is Wiped Clean
I almost made it through 30 years of life without getting a traffic ticket. But almost doesn't count. Just a few weeks ago I was pulled over for an expired tag and registration. I didn't remember receiving a reminder in the mail but sure enough when I got home and looked through the mail, there it was . .  . still unopened. So there I was with a perfect driving record of almost 15 years . . . tainted. Also, the $25 ticket included almost $200 in court costs. I dreaded the day my court case arrived. It would only serve to remind me of my mistake and the high price I was obligated to pay because of it. As I walked into the courthouse I realized I was not alone. It wasn't even 9:00am and the halls filled with traffic violators like myself. We were told to line up depending on our infraction. When I finally got to the front of the line a sweet woman asked me why I was there. "Expired registration" I said as I handed her my paperwork. "But here is my updated registration and driver’s license". I continued. She took my items and looked them over thoroughly. She then flipped through a stack of pages, found my name, and crossed it off the list. "You're free to go." She said handing me back my paperwork. "So, I don't have to pay anything?" I questioned. "No, you're free to go." She responded. I reluctantly turned to walk away, but then I remembered one important question: "So is this going on my record? Will I get points on my driver’s license?" I asked. "No, all your charges have been waved." She answered. It's like it never even happened. Relief swept over me. No price to pay AND no record of wrong. I knew that I needed to remember this moment.  I needed...